The Greek Music Organisation is the first Organisation in Greece completely dedicated to the research and support of the Greek Musical Culture and its artists.  
It constitutes a cultural institution, whose foundation was supported by AEPI and its activities seek to promote with due respect the long history of Greek music, a spontaneous music, rich in melodies, rhythm and timbre.

Hellenic music counts a history of 3000 years

Research on the discovery and recording of the elements that contributed to Hellenic music’s development and its current form, constituted one of the two large parts of the activity and goals of the Hellenic Music Organisation, whose realisation has commenced by means of the creation of the Greek Music Archive.

Among the Hellenic Music Organisation’s activities for the support and diffusion of Hellenic Music in Greece and abroad, are included the following:
  • Music productions with rare and unpublished musical material of great Greek artists.
  • Presentations to the public of the works of new musicians, either by means of concerts, or through music productions with a view to promote them.
  • The support of independent production companies investing in Greek music

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