For the smooth operation, immediate servicing and solution of the problems of the representatives the Greek region was divided into departments. The departments are managed by the Department Managers who coordinate, manage, control and support the work of their representatives.
For the more effective providing of services to our members, regarding the control of the public performance of their works and the collection of their intellectual property fees across Greece, AEPI collaborates with local representatives.
The local representatives are responsible for:
  • The information of the users of musical works (businesses that use music) on issues regarding intellectual property.
  • The granting of the required public performance permit.
  • The collection of the corresponding intellectual property fees.

AEPI consists of two Legal Departments, one which is responsible for issues of Mechanical Rights and New Technologies and one responsible for Public Performance issues. Legal Service of Mechanical Rights and New Technologies The particular department deals with issues concerning the protection of rights of creators which arise from:

• The recording of their music works in material carriers of sound or sound and image (LP, CD, DVD etc.)

• The reproduction and position of carriers at a point of circulation

• Legal issues which concern use of music via new technologies (Webcasting, ringtones etc.)

Legal Service of Public Performance

The department task is the legal protection of intellectual rights on issues which are related with public performance of AEPI’s represented music repertoire (conclusion of agreements with users, elaboration of legal terms and obligations, legal assertion whenever this is demanded etc.). The qualified in issues of intellectual property AEPI’s advocates, are monitoring the international scientific and legal developments and handle cases about differences of the Organization with users of music works. In terms of political decentralization of Performing Royalties Department AEPI is cooperating with specialised lawyers in other areas of Greece (Thessaloniki, Komotini, Larisa, Patra, Ioannina, Argos, Heraclion of Crete).

AEPI is one of the first organisations for the protection of intellectual property in the world that established a New Media and Technology department and staffed it with specialised personnel.
The New Media and Technology Department secures and protects the intellectual property of AEPI’s members in the means of exploitation of their works arising from the continual development of technology, such as their use in interactive material multimedia (CD-ROM, DVD, Blu-Ray etc.),  or Networks (Internet, mobile telephony, IPTV, VOD, etc.).
For the development of the permission issuing system for musical works and the distribution of the corresponding intellectual property the following has been taken into consideration:
  • The international practice (in collaboration with the corresponding Collective Management Organisations abroad and the International Confederations ΒΙΕΜ and CISAC).
  • The reciprocal agreement contracts with the corresponding intellectual property societies abroad.
  • The market conditions in our country.

Foreign rights of Greek members:
On the basis of contracts AEPI has concluded with its members, it has assumed their representation in Greece and abroad. To that end, it concludes representation agreements with the corresponding Collective Intellectual Property Management Organisations abroad (contracts with 125 homologue organisations in 191 territories) and collaborates with them in order to secure the rights of its members on an international level.

Foreign creators' rights in Greece:
Apart from its Greek intellectual property owner-creator members, AEPI represents the international repertoire through Collective Management Organisations abroad. In this way, intellectual property fees of creators-intellectual property owners in countries other than Greece are sent to their corresponding companies.

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