Do you use music for your business?

Do you use music for your business?


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Do you use music for your business?
Reproduction  or performance of  music

Law 2121/1993 determines the obligation of license receipt prior to any kind of public performance of a musical work "....which becomes accessible in a group of people larger than a family as well as the direct social environment..." and at the same time the payment of the corresponding royalties.
The Public Performance license is issued by AEPI on behalf of its Greek and foreign members (authors, lyricists, publishers/ sub publishers, inheritors, owners).  They have conventionally assigned to the organization the right of representation, protection and management of their works. 
No transaction in the process of collecting royalties is possible, without the issuing of an invoice or an equivalent legal payment receipt.
AEPI’s Audit Department controls the invoices which are issued every single day across Greece. After they are financially checked and are electronically registered, all invoices are kept in a special file of our organization. 
With the particular process, AEPI collects royalties from more than 45.000 sources / users of music of every kind (clubs, bars, restaurants, malls, super markets, hotels, concerts venues, exposition venues, movie theaters, TV and radio stations etc.).
The level of paid royalties for Public Performance in Greece is much lower than the average royalties of the equivalent counterpart organizations internationally.
One of the parameters for the determination of billing, AEPI takes into consideration comparative data end results from various investigations emerging from international collaborations of legal and financial committees of CISAC (Tariff Committee).  

General criteria of billing:             
- The national legislation of each country            
- International conventions          
- Internal  social / financial  circumstances and living standard of each country 

Special criteria of billing:             
- The acreage of venue
- The area (civic -or not- areas, frontiers, epochal etc.)            
- The importance of the use of music (essential, necessary or useful)         
- The ways of presenting music to the audience (live, reproduction via mechanical means etc.)

Taking into consideration the above,  everyone who plans to publically perform or use part of the repertoire which is represented by ΑΕPI, must:

1.    Electronically fill in or print and fill in the appropriate –according to the use- license for  public performance
2.       In the letter of application declare all music works which will be performed in public
3.       Pay the corresponding royalties


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