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1.General category of venues (bars, restaurants, entertainment venues, etc.)
It has the responsibility for the issuing of Public Performance licenses and the collection of the corresponding intellectual property fees.
2.Radio and Television
This department was created, organised and commenced operations when the expansion of the radio and television media market expanded to the private sector. 
Among the responsibilities of the Radio and Television department is the information of interested parties on issues concerning intellectual property and arising from the transmission and retransmission of the repertoire represented by our organisation by radio and television broadcasters. Moreover, it issues the license for radio and television transmission provided for by the law, collecting the intellectual property fees due. 
The purpose of this sub department is the issuing of Public Performance licenses and the collection of intellectual property fees from corporate bodies and natural persons, exploiting cinema film screening halls across Greece. 
In every hall businessmen are obliged to produce an analytical statement of the screened films with the corresponding returns in order for AEPI to bill them for the corresponding intellectual property fees for every single one of these films.
The sub department is responsible for the information of musical concert organisers, corporate bodies or natural persons of public law or commercial law (Companies, Municipalities etc.) concerning: 
A) Their obligations to receive the relevant license for the use of the musical repertoire represented by AEPI. 
Β) The payment of the corresponding intellectual property fees.

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