The communicational activity AEPI develops is targeted at its creators-members and intellectual property owners, the users of the musical repertoire and the public in general. 

The operation of the department is divided into external (local & international) and internal company activities. External Communication among others, includes:
  • Public relations with users of the musical repertoire of AEPI.
  • Public relations with users, creators and intellectual property owners. 
  • Cooperation with press representatives for information on issues regarding the news on, and legal and technical developments in, intellectual property ownership (mailing of press releases, information material etc.).
  • The organisation of Press conferences on issues regarding AEPI´s activity.
  • Proposals and organisational support of cultural activities.
  • Organisation of international conferences in Greece, on technical, legal etc. issues concerning intellectual property ownership.
  • Cooperation with universities and educational institutions as well as organisations via special seminars for students on issues of intellectual property ownership.
  • The editing and publication of our information bulletin “AEPI: Our Newspaper.”
  • The development of a special public relations program involving on the spot visits of an AEPI echelon for the information of the prosecutors and the general public on music piracy etc.
  • Cultural activity.
  • Communications on an International level: 
On an international level, in the framework of a wider cultural program which is being developed for the diffusion of Greek music abroad, the department cooperates with cultural Organisations and Music Information Centres abroad.
  • At the same time, AEPI participates in international expositions of music market (MIDEM, WOMEX, etc) aiming at the diffusion of Greek music abroad and the development of a cultural interchange network among foreign and Greek creators. For the same purpose AEPI has supported several times in the past, the participation of Greek creators in music workshops, which were held abroad by homologues to AEPI organisations.

Internal Company communications:

In the framework of the various departments effort to inform each other on issues regarding their purpose, internal company communication functions by means of frequent meetings of the personnel, and work groups, with a view to:
  • Inform each other on the course of their work.
  • Exchange news and knowledge arising from their activities.
  • Research and monitor new media or means of the exploitation of musical works (new technologies, music piracy etc.).


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