To become accepted by our organisation:

If you are a creator you should submit to us at least one work of yours which is required to have been:

–recorded with a view to mechanical reproduction and circulation of its media to the public or
–performed in public and included in a public performance program, such as radio, television, concert etc. or
– circulated via Networks (Internet, mobile telephony etc.).

If you are a publisher/sub-publisher you should have contracts of the publication or sub-publication of at least ten works which consist of a repertoire of another natural person or corporate body, either domestic or foreign.

If you are a heir of intellectual property you should submit to our organisation the following documents:
–Death certificate of the deceased artist from the relevant Municipality.
–Will – if there is one – or a certificate of the non-publication of a will from the relevant Court of the First Instance.
–Certificate of close relation of the relevant Municipality.
–Certificate of the non-violation of inheritance rights from the relevant Court of the First Instance.

In case there is a certificate of inheritance we ask you to submit it.

The aforementioned documents are needed also in case you are an heir of a surviving heir of a creator.
If you are an owner of intellectual property you should produce at the company the legalising document, or the contract that makes you the holder of the intellectual property of the creator-rightful holder.
Note: If you are a corporate body (publisher/ sub-publisher, heir or owner) you should additionally submit a statement of your operations.


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