The use of a work of music gives rise for the creator(s) two basic categories of intellectual property:

Mechanical rights
Mechanical rights arise for creators from the printing –
recording (direct or indirect, temporary or permanent, complete or partial, by any means and in any form) of their musical work in material carriers of sound or sound and vision (LP, MC, CD, CD-ROM, DVD, etc.) and by material means (such as computers, mobile phones, etc.).
Performing rights
Performing rights arise for creators from the public performance of their musical work and its presentation to the public, either live or by means of the use of any mechanical means
(e.g. radio, television, CD Player etc.), or by means of networks (mobile telephony, internet etc.).

Regarding the use/exploitation of musical works and in accordance with the contract of the granting of the management and protection of intellectual property between creators/intellectual property owners and AEPI, the categories of intellectual property/authorities, creators/intellectual property owners may grant and transfer to AEPI are the following:

a) general performing right,
b) radio broadcasting right,
c) right pertaining to the public performance of the works broadcasted by radio stations,
d) television broadcasting right,
e) right pertaining to the public performance of works broadcasted by television,
f) cinema screening right,
g) mechanical reproduction and circulation right,
h) right pertaining to the public performance of mechanically reproduced works,
i) cinema production right,
j) right pertaining to the production, reproduction and distribution of material carriers of the recording of images,
k) right pertaining to the public performance of material visual carriers, as well as
m) right pertaining to the online (via networks) interactive use of music,
n) right pertaining to online (via networks) non-interactive use of music,
o) the rental of material sound or sound and visual carriers, with the payment of a reasonable price,
l) right pertaining from means of exploitation arising from technical developments or future legislative changes.

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